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The Steak Place
at Tucker Hill

Designed and wrote the copy for all ads for this re-positioned restaurant at an established inn. Received recognition from the Angus Beef Producers Association for part of the series.

The two ads at right were the opening ads in the first flight.

Riots adPlan ad  
The Double Feature ad was successful, but in an unexpected way. A local business complained that the ad was promoting free beer, which is against state regulations. The ad was pulled and the next ad was run in its place. It was talked about for weeks. Double feature adFree beer ad  

The Pitcher Inn

The ad at right has been remade in various sizes and reproduced in numerous publications.

Design and copy.

Pitcher Inn ad  


The "Story" ad has been produced in numerous sizes and publications, including as a 1" high full banner width ad for a major daily paper.

Design and copy.

"Story" ad  

The "Mexican food is not nachos" ad series positions Rosita's as a restaurant with authentic Mexican food as opposed to the usual Tex-Mex.

Design and copy.

Not Nachos ad  


Designed and wrote numerous ads for this local print shop.

Several ads are shown on the client page.

4 Color ad  
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